<--- Public Openethereum archive+trace nodes --->

We offering "public" aka whitelisted ips to access some of our openethereum archive+trace nodes.
This access is ment as a temporary solution to test out things, or to get started while your own node is syncing up.

Contact Chris / ChainLayer on The Graph Discord, or join our telegram channel at

<--- Openethereum 3.0.1. data snap file--->

File is now ready for a bigger crowd, and the data is tested and it seems to be working as intended!

Here is a optimal quick and dirty line to get started. (other clients have different issues)
screen aria2c -V --seed-ratio=0.0 -T 2020-08-06_openethereum-3.0.1_ethereum-ethereum-mainnet.tar.gz.torrent --listen-port=2706 --file-allocation=none --enable-dht=false
You will need 5~TB storage to download the file and you will need 5-6 TB to unpack the file. So make sure your setup is ready before you start downloading.
Also please keep this file within the graph community, there is limited bandwidth available.

Would like to thank for the data content making this happend.
And a few people helping getting the file spread around. @huglester @madagascar @Andrew | Agile Ventures @Koen 

Baseline Node parameters should be: ( archive node with tracing, with no fatDB )
openethereum --tracing on --pruning archive --no-periodic-snapshot --cache-size-db 15360 --cache-size-state 1000

Before you start downloading this BIG torrent, i expect you to pay it forward by seeding the file.